Lobalizations impact on the spread of infectious diseases

Choose one infectious disease (SARS) and discuss the ways in which globalization has impacted its spread. Be sure to draw upon the definition of globalization.

Need to link directly to all three elements of the courses definition of globalization: Greater connectives and new interactions with the environment lead to more diseases; greater inequalities lead to more disease/ill-health; weakening of global health institutions.

The articles must be peer-reviewed, not be older than 10 years, focused on the social aspects, not medicine.

Annotated bibliography must includes: main thesis, method used, results or findings. Identify why you chose this article and how it helps with your research.

(I have attached two articles that you could use to write the ab. Write one per page. If you find them irrelevant, you can find articles yourself but make sure they are peer-reviewed)

Dont write them based only on the abstracts because original abstracts will be viewed along with the assignment.