Lobalizaton Paper concentration on the homeless population

Search the literature to find a research article that addresses a global healthcare issue for the homeless population. Hint: You are looking for published reports in peer-reviewed journals about clinical research done on a global/international level which may represent a collaboration of agencies or countries or both.

3. Describe the selected article(s) including problem, purpose of the study, summary statement of literature review and research methodology, and the conclusion (the study results). This is a small section so I know the content and intent of the research a it is not a research critique.

4. Analyze the results of the articles and compare their results/suggestions to the United States healthcare system to determine its applicability to your selected vulnerable population. In other words, did the article discuss an approach to care for this population that perhaps we are not doing here in the USA....maybe we should? Talk about the pros and cons of the approach.

I need all pdf or full text word document of the selecyed article to submit to prof.