Lobally Distributed Teams and Leadership for Multicultural Teams

Assignment 1: Globally Distributed Teams

What problems, issues, and difficulties can arise when globally distributed teams in different cultures seek to collaborate using tools involving information and communications technology? Research this issue from the perspective of Hofstede.

Hofstede, G. (1986). Cultural differences in teaching and learning. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 10(3), 301-320.

Please examine the nature of team conflict, collaboration, and trust in geographically distributed global teams. Please write your comments in two page.

Please support the answer with rationales, examples, and references. The use of the headers throughout the paper is expected to aid in organization of your thoughts and ease of reading.

Assignment 2: Leadership for Multicultural Teams

Please examine the characteristics that are linked to successful leadership in the context of global and multicultural teams. (2 pages)
In a two-page paper, cite and explain the core characteristics and skills essential to leading global teams.

What makes a good leader in that environment?
What makes a good team in that environment?
Explain with rationales and examples.

Please use the above headers (or something like these, for example: Introduction, Good Leadership Style in Global Environment, Good Team Attributes in Global Environment (with Multi-cultural Teams), Examples, Conclusion)

Thank you