LOG501): SUPPLY CHAIN THEORY Word Task Assignment: Ordering Kentucky Hooch Brew

Writer please follow the directives I have pasted below. This assignment requires a graph, which I will upload, requires a report to the boss (you will see instructions) aand an essay to my professor (you will see directions under Pt.2 Case Resources

Basic Concepts of Supply Chain Management (n.d.). Essentials of Supply Chain Management. Retrieved from /nbwa.org/about/what-is-a-beer-distributor

System Dynamics

Kirkwood, C. (1998). A modeling approach (Ch. 2) in System Dynamics Methods: A Quick Introduction. Retrieved from /profit-chain.com/images/The_Bullwhip_Effect_in_Supply_Chains.pdf

Background Exercise: Run the EBBD simulation and become familiar with the Basic Scenario and the Basic Bull Whip Scenario. Go the simulation at excellentbeerdistrib

Optional Reading

Sweeney, L.B. and Sterman, J. (2000). Bathtub dynamics: initial results of a systems thinking inventory System Dynamics Review; 16 (4).