Logistic How to use internet to support logistics activities”.

Complete an essay on a?e-logisticsa? which aims to answer how to use internet to support logistics activities.
In your essay please ensure that you have a strong academic foundation including theory, empirical evidences and real company examples. If you use material from case studies or company websites remember that these need to be properly quoted and referenced just like all other materials.

Develop great and clear answer to the question above. Organize the structure by putting in sub section for good presentation. Use **marking criteria to see all information are included to get higher mark.

**Marking Criteria
Does the essay set up a clear essay question to address? Does the essay stay within and fulfil the topic parameters?

Does the essay bring together the literature in a significant manner that addresses an essay question?

Does the essay indicate a comprehensive understanding of the topic area and literature discussed?

Clarity of structure
Is the essay well organised and logically constructed to achieve synthesis while being mindful of the needs of the reader?

Mechanical Soundness
Is the essay clearly written, spell checked and grammatically sound and referenced appropriately?