Lon Musk  an entrepreneur of the 21th century

The main focus of the task lies in the analysis or discussion of suitable entrepreneurship models,
organization models or development of company models according to the subject list.
On the basis of publications on the sensibly chosen topic of investigation, for example, various phase
models or development models, leadership principles, etc., can be analyzed and evaluated. The
comparison of the different inclinations concerning an enterprise stamping can be examined, for
example, in the international comparison.
The example, if necessary to be examined, can be freely chosen.

What the paper should be about:

Being an entrepreneur in 21th century can be easy in case of building up new companies in new technologies like the Internet business or the gaming industry. But when it comes to build up new companies in  old industries like the Automotive Industry the barriers of entrance are quiet high. It is not only the highly competitive market entrepreneurs are facing, but also it is hard to find ways to earn money in a fully developed industry like the Automotive Industry. Entrepreneurs are facing global concerns which have extreme cost benefits and well developed chains of distribution.
This paper will focus on entrepreneurship in the 21th century in the automotive industry on the example of Elon Musk. It will explain how he was able to compete against global players by good innovative ideas and smart mergers.