Lone star reader about Living in confederate Texaspages 169-176

Basically explain the changes in Texas during the Civil war, especially the way the war affected/changed the civilian population or the Home Front.
First paragraph of essay should be introduction Including the title of artical, name of author a brief biography of the author and the authors thesis /main point.
a. Discuss the everyday commodities such as food, clothing medicine, etc that were in short supply( explain at least 4 shortages). Describe the reason for the shortages and the substitutions that were invested to take their place. at least 4 items.
b.Explain the role of conderate cotton during the war and some of the problems that prevent its shipments. How did the confederacy solve those problems?
How did mexicao figure in the solutions and what was exchanges for the cotton.
c. Descibe the role of women before the war, and list the new types of work women often werre forced to take on during the war ( explain at leats 4 roles)
D. Final paragragh of essay includde conclusion