Loning Brachyury from SW480 in pNEB193 plasmid

I would like to write abstract 150 words and I sent to you two models for abstract from previous years you can just rewrite (paraphrase) the new abstract in the same idea

and also I need you write introduction 850 words include this Notes
Introduction :Your introduction must cover some/all of whatas been previously published in the literature about the research topic. It should also give a?backgrounda information on the experimental procedures being used and a brief overview of the overall experimental plan. The introduction MUST be correctly and well referenced with current relevant literature from peer reviewed scientific journals. In this report you should a?introducea

2.Restriction digest cloning
3.Blue/white selection

and I give you two models can you take information and rewrite from them and also I give you the referance can be help you
please do not change the meaning and check Plagiarism?
and dont forget 1,2,and 3 in introduction.