Lood in Pakistan PowerPoint based on 4 pillars of Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery (20 SLIDES)

Pick an emergency or disaster of your choice (Flood in Pakistan), and put together a PowerPoint presentation describing it based upon the 4 pillars of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. Address issues of capacity if relevant. The length should be a minimum of 20 slides.

VERY IMPORTANT: A good presentation uses slides that summarize your discussion, but since I will not be able to hear you speak use the NOTES SECTIONof PowerPoint to flesh out your talking points. The notes can be in sentence or bullet format and should be detailed enough so that we can understand the meaning behind your slide.

Include a bibliography of references used (this can be in the Notes section). You get to the Notes page by clicking on View, then Notes Page. This opens up an area under the slide where you can explain your bullet points in more detail (since I wont actually be hearing you present). Any presentation that does not make extensive use of the notes section will not likely receive a good grade. [Use as many sources as theyre required to cover 4 pillars of emergency management]

Begin with a title slide. The first slide should show the title of your project, your name, the class name, instructor and year.

The second slide should be an introduction to the case chosen and a brief overview of the presentation structure.

The next few slides should summarize/describe the disaster (2-4 slides).

Then there should be 4 sections of at least several slides each, one for each pillar. Depending upon the disaster/emergency, it might make more sense to emphasize one pillar more than another. Use your best judgment (10-16 slides).

Follow this with a set of discussion/analysis slides (2-4 slides). You could discuss what worked well and/or what worked poorly, for example.

Finally, a conclusion/recommendation slide (1-2 slides).

Where it makes sense, use graphics to help illustrate the points that you are making.


The material below was just pulled off of a web site that discussed how to put together a PowerPoint. A quick search on GOOGLE turns up many sites with suggestions. It would be a good idea to look a few of them over, if you havent done it in the past.

PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines

Remember, this presentation is for your audience to SEE, not for you to read from. This implies several things:

1. Keep your words large enoughat least size 24.

2. Limit the number of words you put on a page

Avoid paragraphs
Use bullet points
Use succinct phrases instead of sentences
Limit each slide to 6 bullet points

3. Fancy is not always better! Stick with simple fonts!

Fonts With feetare easier to read (in a paragraph)
Fonts Without feetmake nice titles

4. Choose color combinations that make your text easy to read.

5. Limit your graphics to 1-3 per page. Too many graphics can be distracting.