Lose reading and examination of the poem Red wheelbarrow”

The esaay should be divided into 9 paragraphs which focus on
1. Introduction
2. form of the poem & similarities with haiku-
3. uncapitalized letters in this poem
-which suggests writeras view of equality with no superiority by having all letter lowercase and using no uppercase.
4. stanza arrangement
-it visually looks like a wheelbarrow
-author uses stanzas to separate wheel/barrow, rain/water, and white/chicken which suggests that every detail in the poem exists independently
5. so much depends upon
it contains no actual subjecta¦itas more of an abstract concept. a?so mucha? leaves the readers to imagine what depends upon the wheelbarrow.
wheelbarrow is just a human tool. a?so mucha? can translated as manas labor. Also, a wheelbarrow with one wheel cannot really stand by itself and is hard to maintain balance when using the wheelbarrow. So when the writer says a?so much depends upon the wheelbarrowa? it could mean that a human life needs a balance with lifeas precariousness
or when author writes a?so much depens upon the red wheelbarrowa? it could just mean the labor of American farmers or labor of fathers and fatheras role in a family
6. red wheelbarrow-
-the color red evokes the image of a?blooda?,a?couragea?, a?sacrificea?
red is one of americans symbolic color.. which could mean that the red wheelbarrow symbolizes American farmer
or sacrifice and labor of our fathers in our family
7. rain water-
-rain water reminds of color blue
-blue also is another symbolic color of america
rain, water, and blue reminds of tears
tears, pain, agony of farmers or fathers
8. white chicken-
white means innocence
white chicken innocent children by their fathersa side
red wheelbarrow beside the white chicken
( labor of man beside white chickens with no worriesa¦.. contrast image)
9. conclusion