Lose reading and textual analysis of the poem America by Allen Ginsberg.

Pay attention to both Form and Content, and the interplay betweeen the two. The focus hsould be on how the poems language (its form, structure, linguistic devices, and imagery) relate to the Story,or message, of the poem.

Textural support is Mandatory.

Questions to ask yourself:
Who is the Speaker?
What is the form of the poem: What are the linguistic elements and poetic devices?
What kind of Imagery is prevalent in the poem?
How do the form and images help inform the Contentof the poem?
What is the tone / mood of the poem?
Finally How does the poem make you feel?

Things to Strive for:
A specific and unique introduction and conclusion
Analysis that is clearly stated and fully developed

Things to Avoid:
Excessive summarizing, Repetitiveness, Lack of clarity and organization.