Lose Reading from a Gothic novel, The Monk: A Romance”

Briefly identify the speaker and the context of the passage. Then please consider the details of the passage–the language, images, metaphors, symbolism, the use of sensory detail, tone, repetition, etc. Remember not to simply describe what is happening in the passage but really think about the effects of the language. Once you have observed the pertinent details of the passage, you should discuss their larger significance. What mood do they establish? How do they contribute to characterization? What effect do they have on the reader? Do they connect to larger themes in the text? Assignments should be 2-4 pages, double spaced. It is due in tutorial on November 6.

The following is the passage:

Restless in my mind, in spite of the fatigue of my body, I continued to toss about from side to side, till the clock in a neighboring steeple struck one. As I listened to the mournful hollow sound, and heard it die away in the wind, I felt a sudden chillness spread itself over my body. I shuddered without knowing wherefore; cold dews poured down my forehead, and my hair stood bristling with alarm. Suddenly I heard slow and heavy steps ascending the stair-case. By an involuntary movement I started up in my bed, and drew back the curtain. A single rush-light, which glimmered upon the hearth, shed a faint gleam through the apartment, which was hung with tapestry . The door was thrown with violence. A figure entered, and drew near my bed with solemn, measured steps. With trembling apprehension I examined the midnight visitor. God Almighty! It was the bleeding nun. ( Lewis 139-140)

Extra instructions:
1) Just use 1 or 2 sentences to identify the speaker and what happens in the passage.
2) Focus on the details such as language, images, metaphor, symbolism, the use of sensory detail, tone
3) The importance of the details
4) Please contact me if there is any problem.