Lose Reading of Shamela. Title name up to writer

A close reading of Shamela by Henry Fielding that has aspects of parody/ satire of the original book PAMELA by SAMUEL RICHARDSON. As Fieldings Shamela is based on Richardsons PAMELA and has several parodies and satire in it.

. Please check the uploaded assignment sheet that has all the requirements. The passage that has to have an aspect of either parody or satire featured in SHAMELA is up to the writer. Please refer to the Oxford English Dictionary for words that might have meant something at that time but now mean a completely different meaning, Also, please check the close reading example featured in the assignment sheet. For the essay, choose a passage in Shamela that is rich in satire/[parody and then choose a theme and then a thesis. Themes might include: Appearance vs reality. city vs country, greed vs charity. vanity and hypocrisy which apply both to Mrs. Slipslop and Mrs Bobby

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The one source should be the book. Please no outside research.