Lose textual analysis of Langston Hughes, Even Air Blues”

I have to write a short close textual analysis paper on Langston Hughes, Even Air Blues. My professor gave us this to go on
Even Air Blues”: This poem both definesthe BluesAND constitutes a powerful evocation of the Blues. The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics defines the blues thusly, Bluesare more than sad songs about lost love and loneliness. They exist as instrumental and vocal music, as psychological state, as lifestyle, and as philosophical stance….Thematically, they address suffering, struggle, and sexuality. They confront life head-on, with an indomitable will expressed in sarcasm, wit, and signifying humor….Their dynamic pattern of confrontation, improvisation, affirmation, and celebration (Murray) evokes the history and texture of the Black American presence. A more succinct definition (incomplete but perhaps a good starting place): the blues Elevates pain and suffering to an art form. With that we are supposed to analysis the poem and write a paper.