Losely examine the images and words to demonstrate the way in which they communicates there meaning.

To view the images you are being asked to closely examine, please follow the following instructions,
click on

You will find the second image you are beig asked to closely examine if you click on the following link:
This will being up a page full of jean paul gaultier pictures, there will be a link at the bottom of the page which will; take you to page 2 of the pictures, please click on this. The image you are being asked to examine is the very last one on this page, and ivolves a very naked pale woman with a darker man stood behing her with his hands over her breasts.

Closely examine the images and words to demonstrate the ways in which they communicate thier meanings, using the following for help
1) What kind of visual language does the advertisment employ?
2)If there is text, how does this work with the visual aspect of the advertisementor not?
3)What does the advertisement cannote and denote?
4)What type of value or values does the image draw upon?