Losing the gap between rich and poor countries

Using 3 Academic articles or more make an argument that government policies and free trade is or is not an effective way of closing the gap between poor and rich countries.

This is from our text book:

Government policies and free trade could make a difference
Decision made by governments have profound implications for inequality within and among nations. Brazil launched an antipoverty program, bolsa familia , or family fund, that is a model for many countries. Poor families receive financial assistance and are encouraged to send their children to school and give them medical care. By increasing economic growth, the program also decreases inequality. Chinas government has tried to diminish regional inequalities by investing more money in economically depressed areas. Brazil decided to address inequality by Democratizingland titles and expanding poor peoples access to credit. Granting formal property rights to millions of slum dwellers is viewed as a way of creating greater economic opportunities for the poor. Korea, Brazil, and India have implemented various forms of affirmative action programs to diminish regional, racial. or caste inequalities.

All work has to be cited. you have put citation after each and every sentence i know its stupid but this is how our professor wants it. this is how it should be cited:
(Authors last name: year, page)