Lossary of Terms from Translation Theory

Each student will be required to compile a list of 40 terms drawn from their reading on Translation Theory over the course of the Autumn semester. For each term, you must provide a brief definition (no more than a couple of lines), taken from the secondary reading, with a full, academic reference which provides the source for the definition. You should make use of a wide range of sources for the definitions of the terms you choose to include and must provide full, adequate details for each, as indicated above. It is expected that the sources will include books, journal articles and websites. For books and journal articles, there is no limit set, but you may only use a maximum of 5 definitions drawn from websites(add Page number in source as far as possible, though use the website) . The grade awarded for this exercise will take into account the range of terms included; the range of relevant materials used to build the glossary; the accuracy and relevance of definitions; the clarity and accuracy of academic referencing in providing the source details for each term; and the clarity of presentation of the glossary.