Lothing adaptation vs. weather and body

The job is to come up with Solutions & Recommendations to the problems you identified for your company.

? Management application (you can apply anything youi??ve learned and will learn from MGMT 353 to your fictional company)
? E.g., how your company has managed diversity (individual differences)?
? E.g., how teamwork contribute to your companyi??s profitability?
? E.g., how management and the company has managed to be innovative
? E.g., whether any emerging trends in organizational behavior are being put to use at your company.
? E.g., i??
? See your syllabus (p.4) for more detail.
? I encourage you to be creative and thoughtful!

Note: make sure to
1. Explicate your stance and explain why
2. Show supports to any conclusive type statements

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solutions and analysis should be analyzed and pointed out according to the problems that are presented in the document attached