Loud-based efficiency gains within e-Business strategies

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This is the assessment Criteria only and i will upload the assignment structure later on.
The below points all show you what you have to do in the report to get 2.1 grade class so please do take care about it:

LO1Discusses & Explains e-business design, access & management:
Evidence of originality, creativity & independence of thought.

LO2Recognises and critically evaluates a range of contemporary online business models:
Excellent Penetrating Analysis, critique & evaluation.

LO3Analyses, discusses & evaluates a range of alternative e-business methods or applications:
Shows commendable ability, without any material deficiencies

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1-Word document file is the assessment structure
2Powerpoint file is the report format .
I have uploaded the assessment brief file. You will find all the structure in the file please read it very carefully and follow every single structure in the file.
This file will be the main structure of this work paper.
Also, The assignment tutor asked us to follow this report format so can you please read the powerpoint report format details.
Please this report format does really mater.
Note: This only report Format not the report requirements this is how the report should look and include .

Thank you