Loud computing (Opportunities and concerns (security))

Research Report
Assignment Specification

The aim of this assignment is to explore in cloud security.
The report should be in the form of a formal report, with numbered sections, headings and a contents list.
You may present a personal view of your topic, but the research should reflect both views with which you agree and those with which you disagree. provide opinions by those on all sides of the situation. You should set out the opinions of authoritative sources, but may present less formal sources (blogs, etc.) as additional information or as evidence that certain opinions are strongly held. (Advice: start by putting your own opinions to one side, and try to draw on views and information from all sides: let the evidence speak for itself. Once this is done, bring your own views in, although you may have changed your mind by then!)
Note: focus on the quality of your work and how well it supports your own conclusions.

Your text should be no longer than 2,000 words, with an absolute maximum of 2,500 words. These word counts do not include the bibliography and references.

Your report must be word processed. The printed essay should be 1A? line spaced.

Marks will be awarded for:

1. Identification and selection of sources: quality and breadth of research, balancing opposing sources
2. Use of sources: describing them objectively and fairly
3. A conclusion (if you are answering a question), or a concluding summary (if your topic does not demand a direct answer), drawing together and supported by the strands of your report
4. Structure of your report and quality of written English
5. Referencing style used in the text: any style used in the academic literature is acceptable
6. Referencing style used in the bibliography and references