Loud computing Security Vulnerabilities (enterpise and private)

The Definition Report to form part of the proposal should explain, in detail, what the project is expected to achieve
and identify the options (or possible solutions) that may lead to the desired outcomes.
Essentially it can be expressed as the question; a?What am I going to do?a?
As this phase of the project is also about feasibility, it addresses some issues of enabling
technology and systems. In other words it answers the questions; a?Are there method

You must show that you are using literature (university standard is the Harvard referencing technique) to inform your research and investigations to establish what work has already been carried out in the chosen subject area or products that already exist. It should identify potentially useful resources, identify risks and candidate solutions. The result of your background research should enable the setting and justification of clear aims and objectives for the complete project.

Referencing Requirements:
havard only
20references muct be journals