Loud Computing used in Healthcare Information Systems

The topic that I have chosen is Cloud Computing used in Healthcare Information Systems”. I am yet to do any research on this topic and not sure as to what help I can be, however, email is the best the best form of communication for me for the next 6 hours as I am at work.

Below are the instructions copy and pasted from my instructor:


Project is a 3-4 page research report on an information systems topic of your choice.

Computer-based info. systems exist at all levels (transaction processing, mgt. info systems, decision support, exec info, e-commerce, etc.) and cross all fields, including medical & health, geospatial, business, bioinformatics, document management, ERP, government, Internet security, military, etc.

Try Googling information systems examples for ideas. Try using library databases for serious research material. Ask around for examples at your college or work. Talk with people who work in information systems. Interview somebody who works with info systems or designs them.

Study sample report format: /edu/library/mla.pdf

Research current relevant IT articles in the news (Web or library databases, supplemented by interviews or other sources of info). Look for specific examples of companies/organizations, browse info systems vendor websites, interview people who work with the systems you are describing, etc.

If you havent used MSWord a lot for research papers, you can review the MSOffice2010/Word tutorials at GCF website: