Loud Technology; What effect will it have on PC and Laptop technology

In-depth internet research of a selected topic
The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to explore a topic related to computers but one that we do not have time to cover together as part of our course material. Doing the research and related writing will give you an opportunity to reflect on a question of interest to you and to become a Mini-experton a particular area.
To begin your research, pick a broad topic in the field of computers that seems intriguing to you or that you would like to know more about. Formulate a specific question related to this topic. Your question should be narrow enough to answer, but should be open enough so that you can do a genuine investigation of new information and formulate persuasive arguments in response to the question. Some examples are given below.

Preliminary Ideas for Research
Topic: Computer Security
Sample Questions:
1. Is individual privacy being violated by the use of computer technology to store records (medical, financial, marketing)?
2. What kinds of devices (software or hardware) can be used to insure privacy of information?
3. How secure are information and access protection schemes? Are the laws in effect sufficient to deter hackers and/or other criminals?

Topic: Computer Use in Health Professions
Sample Questions:
1. How are computers used in medical diagnosis and treatment?
2. What computer hardware and software is available to aid disabled individuals

Requirements for Final Project
1. Working on the project
a) Find three (3) sites with substantial and accurate information about your topic. Sites should not be redundant, that is, each site should contribute new and unique information not found on the other sites. Generally, sites that are commercial (i.e. whose primary purpose is to sell a product) are not suitable as research sources.
For each of these sites there will be a a?Web Site Evaluationa? form to fill out which will ask you to evaluate the quality of the site. Find the Web Site Evaluationa? form from Research Paper folder under a?Course Materialsa? button.
Then, using information from your research, you will be able to write at least five (5) page paper on your topic.
Pace your work throughout the semester. It will be quite difficult to do all the research in just a few days at the end.
b) Your topic must be selected and submitted by June 20.
c) The librarians are very helpful if you need assistance with internet usage (keywords, narrowing the search).
2. The Final Project
a) Evaluation forms should be completed neatly and comprehensively.
b) A Cover Page should have the topic, your name, course number and section, and date.
c) There should be at least three (3) sources (sites). A list of these sites should be attached after the cover page.
3. Grades
b) The project will be given a grade which reflects
1) Quality of sites.
2) Thoroughness of evaluation forms and quality of required summaries and reflections.
3) Writing, including grammar and mechanics
c) Plagiarized papers (in part or completely) will receive a zero.

Research Paper timeline
Topic due June 20.
Final due June 30