Love) concept relating to Ethics and Social Responsibility. business ethics

Your Course Paper Assignment. You are required to write an 8-10 page paper on a concept relating to Ethics and Social Responsibility. More information will be provided on the first night of class. The essay will be supported using at least five outside sources not including your textbook; however, you are required to use the textbook for information as well. These articles must come from an academic or business journal. You are required to use the universityas online library to conduct this research. The Library Databases are located on your ERNIE webpage under Admin Services. You cannot use websites for this project. I recommend you look in the reference section of your textbook for journal ideas. While there are some references in the textbook that do not meet the criteria for this assignment, the textbook is the best place to start your search for journals and/or articles. I will not limit your range of topics, but all articles must relate DIRECTLY to an Ethics and Social Responsibility subject or issue. You CANNOT cut and paste or use any excerpts from your previous writings for this assignment. This assignment is worth 200 points. All papers must be submitted to SafeAssignment.
You can utilize 5 articles out of business weekly if you want to. No dated requirements so the article can be as old as you can find. Please no web sites! You can read the business weekly on line to access the info but please reference the actual paper. Also, limit the cut and paste word for word items because if the total is more than a page of direct quotes, there will be a deduction.
You can write on Enron, world com or any of the big ethical issues back in that time frame. Also ponzi schemes is OK for part of the paper. Hopefully this is helpful for topics. Please call if you need more info.