Love) Human Resource Managers use of Furlough days to combat budget issues

505 final paper

Human Reousrces Managementas utilization of Furlough days to combat budget issues, a good idea!

You will write a paper supporting your position on a topic of interest pertinent to Human Resources Management in public or non-profit organizations (The use of Furlough days) . You must locate and read at least 10 scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles that give a holistic view of the issues/topic you are examining. These articles should, in addition to supporting the position you are taking, provide the counter-argument to your position. The final product should use scholarly work to provide all perspectives around your topic, but ultimately demonstrate why your position is a viable way to examine the issue/topic. Although you are being asked to take a stance on an issue, this IS NOT an opinion paper. You are to support your stance with evidence via the peer-reviewed journal articles you will locate. The perspectives needed are, planning, diversity, job analysis, recruiting and performance managementa¦a¦
You will lose points if you include articles that are not peer reviewed. Additionally, speak on topics such as motivation, goal setting and importance of diversity. As a rule of thumb, short, newspaper, magazine, website, Wikipedia, and law review journal articles ARE NOT peer reviewed. Most peer reviewed journal articles present a research study and their findings.