Love] Textile industry Case write-up (Analyze curren situation, SWOT, offer solution)

This case analysis is very important to me. It should be not too hard.
Im ordering this to find a person who has great sense of business and management, can offer very clear analysis professionally for this case.

* Case: Will be uploaded. Read and identify the issues in this case with clear, organized analysis.
* Question to Answer at the end part of the paper.
: What would you do in this business situation if you were John Martin?

Guide line ( If you have better idea, please do so.)
Part1. should be your identification about this case and problem.
Part2. SWOT Analysis (please pay special attention to this.)
Part3. What would you do in this business situation if you were John Martin?
Please provide persuasive recommendation as a CEO and solution regarding the risk and problem)

1. The Case Write-Up should be written with the idea that a?less is more,a? aiming for clear, crisp answers.
2. You may do additional research if you wish, but make sure you cite your references.
3. This Case write-up should be well organized structurally, clearly identifies the issue at hand, present a compelling analysis of the case question, and provide a persuasive recommendation. Additionally, the writeup will use succinct, clear language with minimal distractions in formatting and grammatical issues and will read like an effective business brief.
4. No more than 2 pages.