LOVE) The Nature and Meaning of Work in American Society

This term weve considered major themes in the American Experience, including The American Dream, Gender and Politics. Weve also discussed or incorporated other significant aspects of American culture and society, from Worldviewto ethnicity and socioeconomic status to patriotism and dissent.
In lieu of a major term research paper, please create an annotated webliography of five (5) web-based resources focusing on a particular aspect, conflict or theme that continues to shape a rich, diverse and complicated American Experience. A webliography is very much like a bibliography, except that you are selecting and evaluating websites and web-based resources, not books.
TOPIC: The Nature and Meaning of Work in American Society

1. Select your topic and develop a related thesis statement. What do you want to say or prove through your webliography? For example, it is not enough to say The meaning of work has changed in American society.Instead, be sure to state your opinion and/or beliefs as to why and how the meaning of work has changed specific aspects of the social landscape.
2. Once you have a thesis constructed, begin your online research. Your annotation (or brief paragraph) accompanying each link should include the following:
1. The significance and academic legitimacy of the site. How did you find this site (College library resources, a particular search engine, word-of-mouth, etc.)?
2. Who or what is behind the site, such as its sponsorship and agenda.
3. The effectiveness of the site. How well and completely does it inform? What, if anything, is missing?
4. The appeal of the site. What sets this site apart from others?
5. How the site supports your thesis. What parts are most relevant?

Essentially, you are setting up the basis for a term research project without having to write the major paper. This exercise is intended to further develop your critical reading and research skills and focus on an aspect of this course that is most relevant to you. Do NOT use links already included in our online units.
Finally, when you have completed your research, respond to the following 3 questions to provide a conclusion to this project:
1. Why is your topic of particular relevance to the American Experience?
2. What did you learn about this topic in the course of your research that you did not know before?
3. What question(s) are you still left with?

Other Tips and Reminders:
Wikipediaand other online encyclopedias are NOT considered college-level academic resources. For additional tips regarding Web research please see Search the World Wide Web, and excellent resource from the Owl Writing Lab at Purdue. Of course, utilizing the Colleges online library remains the best and most convenient way to hone your academic research skills.