HELLO! I need to write an essay of 1000 words BUT before handing in the essay I need to submit my choice of topic and a suitable thesis statement. I have copy pasted the information on this work Independant Study. I have highlighted what I liked <. Does the novel make a definitive statement about the role of intelligence in human life, or does it simply explore this idea as an open-ended question? BUT I do not know how to put it in a thesis statement. I am so sorry for the long message. Hoping to read you soon. Independent Study Task Read Flowers For Algernon, by Daniel Keyes, and write an essay using one of the topics suggested below. Until he was thirty-two, Charlie Gordon --gentle, amiable, oddly engaging-had lived in a kind of mental twilight. He knew knowledge was important and had learned to read and write after a fashion, but he also knew he wasnt nearly as bright as most of the people around him. There was even a white mouse named Algernon who outpaced Charlie in some ways. But a remarkable operation had been performed on Algernon, and now he was a genius among mice. Suppose Charlie underwent a similar operation... The following are possible essay topics for Flowers for Algernon. You can think up your own topic and thesis if you like. It should encompass the entire novel. Send me you choice of topic and a suitable thesis statement to make sure youre on track. These are merely TOPICS, not thesis statements. 1 . How does the diary or journal-entry form of the novel affect the emphasis of the narrative? Is Charlie dependable as a narrator as he progresses through his various stages? Is Charlie capable of providing insight into the other characters, or is he too preoccupied with himself? 2 . How has Charlie changed at the end of the novel? Is he different from the person he is at the beginning of the novel, and if so, how? Do you consider the novels ending to be tragic or inspiring? 3 . Does the novel make a definitive statement about the role of intelligence in human life, or does it simply explore this idea as an open-ended question? 4 . Compare and contrast the characters of Professor Nemur and Dr. Strauss. How do their reactions to Charlies intelligence differ? How do their approaches to science differ? 5 . How does Algernon function as an alter ego for Charlie? How does Algernons condition represent Charlies condition? Criteria : Length: 1000 words Direct quotes from the novel Proper in-text citation required (Author, page#) Bibliography The ISU must be submitted prior to writing your exam Before buying a new copy of the book, check used bookstores. Part of your Independent Study mark is derived from your ability to organize and acknowledge your sources properly. You should write down page references as you read, instead of going back over the whole text later trying to find the quotation youd like to use. Ive been there and done that (many times) myself and it is VERY frustrating! At the end of this, youall find some info on how to footnote In-text citations properly, how to assemble a bibliography, proofreading tips, formatting tips for essays and how to document sources from the Web. If you dont use it all for your ISU, youll still need to know how to use it for other essays. Guaranteed. KEEP these sheets. Keep reading!!! Tons more to followa¦ Here are several useful tools for essay writing. In some cases, the website is for teens, but the material regarding essay writing and citing sources is excellent and not age-dependent. They cover all aspects of essay writing and documentation of sources. academics/resource/wc/Intro_Thesis.html html This site gives access to research information, as well as the proper way to set up and write a paper, step by step. peeredit.html Here is a great site for you to use when researching and writing. Check out the other links for information on this site as well.