LT110  Text, Image, Culture Major Paper 1750-1800 words

Subject : CLT110  Text, Image, Culture

Assessment 3
Essay 2 (45%)
Due: Thursday midnightof Week 13
Words: 1800

Choose ONE of the following options.

Option One
Truth, meaning and knowledge are not absolutes, but are always constructed through the lens of culture.”

Discuss this statement, using at least three of the concepts presented in the course (e.g. subjectivity, postmodernism, humanism, discourse, representation, deconstruction, intertextuality, signifier/signified,). Illustrate your argument with a text of your choice using an image, advertisement, a poem, or a piece of prose writing that you can attach to the essay.

If you are using an image, advertisement, poem etc from the Internet, then please add the web page address (URL). Ensure you have included directions to the work. If you are using print based material, you will need to scan and reference this and include it as a separate file or embedded in your essay.

Option Two
Using at least three of the concepts considered in Modules 3, 4 and 5 (such as ideology, subjectivity, othering, race, sexuality, space, bodies) discuss this statement.

According to Said, the West has created a dichotomy, between the reality of the East and the romantic notion of the Orient. The Middle East and Asia are viewed with prejudice and racism. They are backward and unaware of their own history and culture. To fill this void, the West has created a culture, history, and future promise for them. On this framework rests not only the study of the Orient, but also the political imperialism of Europe in the East.
From Orientalism”; Western Michigan University 2002. Available:

Option Three
Choose one of the following films:

Gods and Monsters
M. Butterfly
8 Mile
Shirley Valentine

Critically discuss the ways in which embodiment and identity are constructed within the chosen film. Illustrate your discussion with reference to at least one of the concepts from Module 4 (eg representation, class, gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity).

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