LT320: Assignment 3 Hong Kong Cinema

1,200 words
NOTE that this assignment will be submitted via an anti-plagerising website so please ensure all quotes are cited and no plagerisim!
I will submit essential reading materials to the task, in addition I require you to source and site at least 3 other legit references (for example university or other printed publications, not Wikipedia!).
Discuss some of the flows between Hong Kong and Hollywood films in the context of specific films (one or two). In your opinion, how do these flows rework ideas about Chineseness or Americanness?
Please refer to the film a?Heroa which is discussed in the readings provided and a Bruce Lee film.
Discuss existing theories relating to a?Chinese national imaginationa; a?Othernessa represented in the films; how the films are inspired/inspiring to the other country.
You should also explore Bruce Leeas origins as a Chinese person and how he ultimately became a major movie star that was featured in western (American) films, and also how/why he was a?alloweda into the American film industry given that at that time, as it was very a?whitea focused. You should comment on discourses that were present at the time, and probably how Leeas films worked to continue or change these discourses.
In regards to the Hero film, you should discuss the filmas plot, as well as who produced it (ie I think it was partly American film?); what market it was designed for (ie, chinese or western/American); and also what market most supported it (ie, chinese or AmericanI believe it was widely popular across western countries). You should discuss why it was so popular in western countries a I believe that it might have to do with the visual effects and epic scenery; as well as the martial arts scenes and choreography; perhaps because of the political story which a lot of westerners donat know?. Perhaps also mention the star (jet li) and his rise as a chinese actor becoming famous in American films, and why he has become so popular.