a? Critically discuss the management and health promotion issues, based on a physical assessment of a service user/client. (2,500 words)
a? Continuous Assessment of Practice Element including record of skills

Assessment criteria

1. Present a short profile of the service user/client.
2. Use an appropriate assessment framework to assess the service user/clientas physical health.
3. Critically discuss assessment outcomes in relation to the service user/clientas altered health status.
4. Critically discuss the management of the physical health needs/problems of the service user/client
5. Critically discuss health promotion strategies appropriate to the service user/clientas altered health status.
6. Use of accurate and relevant literature to support discussion in an unbiased manner. Harvard referencing system should be adhered to. Structure and presentation should be clear and logical with attention to grammar and spelling. Adhere to the Faculty Policy on word counts.
7. Confidentiality and anonymity must be maintained at all times to protect the identity of the service user(s)/client(s), carers, families, professionals involved and healthcare settings. Any breach of confidentiality will result in an automatic fail.

Assessment guidelines

1. Select a service user with a physical health status problems /needs.

2. Identify appropriate assessment tool/framework and provide rationale for
your choice of tool/framework.

3. Using the tool/framework, provide a thorough physical assessment of the
service user and critically discuss assessment outcomes. Completed
physical assessment can be included as an appendix.

4. Identify physical problems/needs and critically discuss nursing care,
management and health promotion specific to the service user.

5. Support discussion with accurate and relevant literature

Core text(s):
Estes, M.E.Z (ed.) (2009) Health Assessment and Physical Examination. 4th edn. New York: Delmar & Thomson Learning

Harris, R. (2002) Physical Assessment of Patients: The Byron Physical Assessment Framework. London, Whurr

Weber J. (2008) Nurseas handbook of health assessment. 6th Edn. Philadelphia: Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins


23 YEARS male on a forensic ward
Section 37/41
Diagnosed -paranoid schizophrenia
Index Offencesentered off licence and pointed a gun at the shop assistant
stabbed a friend during an unprovoked argument
commited the offence burglary where his fingerprint were found
sentenced at crown court for above offences
imprisoned but later transfered to a forensic ward due to mental illnesss
Physical illnesssuffered a cardiac arrest secondary to bi-lateral massive pulmonary embolism
medicationWarfrin for Pulmonary Embolism and Rispiradone 3mg daily
Side effectmuscle weakness and sexual dysfuction

Vulnarability factors-mother died of history of heart disease or P E
Father refused to be intorch because of offences
Was born in angola

This is the basic information I can give about this client, the writer however should apply their knowledge to add or subtract any neccessary bit to make the essay good