Lternative Dispute Resolution Costs and Benefits: A Comparative of Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation and Restorative Justice

I prefer to use writer 75631 as first option or writer 35975 as second option, because I was the most satisfied with their work.

I need to compare and contrast, as well as a provide costs and benefits to settling a violent dispute using mediation, arbitration, litigation and restorative justice (please touch on all these processes). The scenario is two youths in a school yard dispute that later leads to one youth shooting the other in the street after school.

No title page needed, at least 3 full pages plus separate reference page for at least 6 references. Please do not use any web links as reference, must be actual text literature. No need to discuss details of the case study as I will later discuss in a separate assignment. Although you can mention in one to two sentences if need be.