Lternative Dispute Resolution: Mediation & Arbitration As Alternatives to Litigation

You are to take a position and engage in a well reasoned law & society analysis. In doing this, you may consider theoretical and practical considerations for the use of mediation and arbitration. Begin by discussing, in detail, what is meant by these terms. In writing the paper, it may be helpful to give several examples where alternative dispute resolution mechanisms may or may not be appropriate. For example, in what scenarios (i.e. case types) may they prove advantageous? When might they not?

Be certain to engage in a dialogue whereby you explain the value of these novel approaches. Would you make any modifications to mediation and arbitration programs as they currently exist? (Think back to our in class discussion relating to these processes). Lastly, explain how these programs promote judicial economy and systematic efficiency.

The goal of this paper is to make a well informed argument that provides adequate support for the positions being advanced. It is recommended that you allow another to proofread your work so that it may be refined and polished prior to submission.