Lternative Ending of The Hunger Game Book

You will create an alternative ending to The Hunger Games Book (Collins, Suzanne. The Hunger Games. New York: Scholastic Press, 2008. Print). For this creative option, I want you to emulate the authoras original style. This option is both creative and critical a spend time thinking about why you want to create an alternative ending? What are the goals of your alternative ending? What do you want your alternative ending to get across to your reader? Go back to the a?key literary termsa? handout in your Reading Rhetorically Packet to think about how you want to tell your story to make it effective. Depending on what alternatives ending you create, you will use different types of images. If you create an alternative ending to The Hunger Games, you will still need to create a visual scene for your readers. Think about how some of the most effective writing takes us somewhere else. The text itself can create a visual scene for us a we can picture the games and key characters in The Hunger Games because of Collinsa effective descriptions and character construction. Under a?Resources,a? I include a couple chapters from creative writing books to help you in your creative journey!

Length and Point Value:

a? 3-4 FULL pages worth 100 points

a?Please include a a?Writeras Memoa? (a half-page Word document). Think of your a?Writeras Memoa? as a personal letter to me. Questions to think about: What are your favorite aspects of your paper? What are your writing goals? What are some of the strengths of your paper? What areas do you still need to work on (or what did you have trouble with?)? Format your a?Writeras Memoa? as a letter to me.

So, I want you to write 3 and half pages about alternative endings of The hunger Games Book and a half-page of a?Writeras Memo.a? (And I dont think I need any sources for this paper)
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