Lternative explaination for any one of the follow technological failures

Description: Alternative Explanations: The purpose of this essay is to choose an alternative way of explaining technological failure.

1. Choose one fail technology from the follow: Swissair 111; the Challenger Disaster; the Three Mile Island accident.

2. Use a different theory of technology (from a reading other than the one originally describing the failure) to give an alternative explanation for why the technology failed. For example, how might Perrows theory of normal accidents (used to explain Three Mile Island) be used to explain the crash of Swissair 111? How might Laws theory about heterogeneous engineering explain the Challenger explosion? How would the social construction of technology (SCOT) explain the accident at Three Mile Island (if it can)?

3. This essay should include:
a. a very brief (three or four-sentence) summary of the original account of the failure. This can be contained as part of the opening paragraph or thesis statement.
b. a through explanation of how one of the other readings gives us a different view of the failure.
c. A bibliography drawn from the course readings only. No outside sources allowed.

SOME QUESTIONS YOU MIGHT AS when developing this essay:

What theory (apart from the original) gives the best understanding of your chosen failure?
How does the new perspective change our understanding of the technology?
How does it shift responsibility of the failure or the explanations of its cause?
What does it suggest about technological failures in general?

SINCE I HAVE FOUND THE SOURCES ONLINE for both Perrows theory of normal accidents and the original account of swissair 111,
**I believe you should use Perrows Theory of Normal Accidents and compare it to the swissair 111 accident**

For Perrows Theory, here is a very good summary on what the author talks about.
/ All direct quotations must be in quotation marks. If you need to cite something, do it in this form… Example: (Perrow, p.25)

If you have any questions, please ask me. Thank you.