Lternative Fuels for the Automobile of Tomorrow

I do no need the actual essay, I need a annotated bibliography of the references that would be used for an essay on the subject using the instructions below and the checklist and sample provided in the uploaded file named Project for internet research.doc”
This project is the creation of an annotated bibliography (or Webliographyif it includes only web sites) citing and describing five of the best Internet resources on a specified topic.
Topic: Alternative Fuels for the Automobile of Tomorrow
” Find five different Internet resources which provide the most authoritative information about your topic. Include Web pages and USENET postings (if appropriate). Use no more than one resource from a fee based electronic database.
” Use the checklist on the next page to evaluate all resources retrieved. Describe each of the five resources you have chosen, making sure you address EACH issue on the checklist for each of the five resources
” Cite each resource using the MLA citation format. Pay close attention to the proper placement of punctuation and underlining. The second date in the citation, just before the URL, is the last time YOU accessed the resource you are citing.
” Use the examples in the Sample Project as a general guideline for completing your project. There are examples of documents from organizations, commercial, educational, and government sites. LOOK CAREFULLY AT THE CITATION FORMAT FOR EACH.
” Pay attention to grammar and punctuation when writing your annotations. Points will be deducted for incorrect grammar, capitalization and punctuation.
” You may need to undo Auto Format or otherwise remove hyperlinks in your word processing program if the URL address turns into a hyperlink. For example you want your URL s to be in this format: <