Lternative Fuels Why we need to invest now to avoid permanent Global Warming

The paper must be at least 12 pages long, typed in MS word format double spaced in pt.12 Times New Roman font. I need to include at least 5 hard cover references in the bibliography. Please use graphs, tables and statistical data where applicable to detail information.

I need a soft copy of your paper upon completion.

IntroductionMy idea was to start with the concern around Global Warming and how the worlds current energy sources are contributing to the issue. I would then like some statistical data to detail consumption by source and then consumption by country/region. Id like to include a focus on the United States with additional consumption statistics and the growth since 1950. Id also like to include a piece on China and how they are quickly becoming the number one consumer of fossil fuels and their contribution to carbon emissions. I thought some background on the Kyoto protocol would be useful as well.

Following the global warming content I would like to introduce the various Alernative Fuels and their potential in the free market. Information on current distribution/use should be included for each. The alternative fuels Id like to include are Nuclear Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, and Geothermal Energy

The conclusion should tie the two pieces together…Global Warming and how alternative fuels can prevent a catastrophic event.

Some good sources of Alternative Fuels are: