Lternative fules replacing fossil fuels

Students will prepare a 5-7 minute speech with a general purpose to inform their audience. The focus for this presentation is research and organization of your content.
Research-Students will collect 5 or more resources and submit them with the argument outline in a properly formatted annotated bibliography. At least 3 sources must meet the “2 yearstandard for Timelyresources. Students will produce for each resource a brief summary of the content of that resource (ie, annotation). Students should work to demonstrate comfort/ease with their research, indicating expertise as a result of their research.
OrganizationStudents will produce a properly formatted argument outline that includes: central idea, specific purpose, justification statement, and argumentative main points with supporting evidence. Indicate where you will use your resources with a qoute or paraphrase. Attention will be paid to the flow or logic of how the content moves from main point to main point, and sub-point to sub-point. Successful, effective speeches will use a variety of organizational techniques The introduction and conclusion work together to effectively Packagethe speech. the “justification statementis a 25-50-word summary of how this topic is Fresh, timely, and important”.
My Topic-I want to inform my audience about the importance of alternative energies replacing fossil fuels by giving examples of how and why this is possible. For instance, preserving the environment and creating new jobs are only a few ways these energies can be vital for the human race.