Lternative Histories and Minorities in Times of War

Hello, This is my Final paper for a Humanism, Science and Technology class. This is the Assignment: Integrate 5 or more of your writing experiences in this class and create a 7-10 page paper that communicates a complete message that clearly explains your thesis and or focus. There should be 10 or more sources of reference in the MLA style
You can continue your work from your previous research with additional information and clarity of focus.”

This paper is a research/ Final paper that needs to focus on everything I have been observing thru ought the semester.
It needs to combine and include at least 5 of the following ideas, movies, references, people and ideologies constructed and analyzed during these assignments.
Research must also be conducted, and I will also provide some previous research but, more is required and it needs to be taken from the LaGuardia library database and a professional school database such as lexis nexis, Ebsco host and more. no google or wiki.
Here are the assignments.
Assignment #9
After watching Legacy Origins of Civiliization”

Iraq:The Cradle of CivilizationWrite an Essay Reevaluating the role of this region in terms of history and contributions to civilization.

The story of Gilgamesh is reflected in other religious stories can you compare it with your own?
Some key terms-,Babylon, Sumer or Sumeria, Sasanians, Baghdad

Religions-Judaism,Christianity ,Zoroastians,Islam (Sunni, Shia and Sufi)
Please feel free to examine any aspect of this change that is of interest to you.

In Addition define the following
Alternate Histories Assignment #8
John Henrik Clarke: A Great and Mighty Walk (VHS1409) John Henrik Clarke discusses the history of Afro-Americans, placing it within the context of the history of Africa and Africans and their relationship with non-African civilizations such as Greek, Roman, European, Christian, and Islamic.
After watching the video and doing some research in the library databases write a 2 page Essay concerning Mr Clarkes perspective on history.Why is it different from prevailing euro-centric histories.
Magnificent Mysteries
Key terms
Sheik Anta Diop
Authur Schomberg

Assignment # 7 Genocide and the Irish Famine
Genocide as described in the United Nations Treaty.This was created from a Convention on Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide,1951. After doing the group exercise do section 2 of the handout which is to create an essay .
In the Essay Discuss whether ,based on your definition ,British policy during the Great Irish Famine was an example of Genocide.In this part of the Essay ,you must use information from at least 4 documents that Describe the Great Irish Famine and British policy(documents G-N) during the famine
Assignment #6 The Irish Immigration Experience
The Irish Immigration experience is like many other immigrants who came to the United States. First watch Out Of Ireland (it is Accessible in Streaming Media from any Computer on campus use headphones)
Out of Ireland traces the story of flight from the famine-swept villages of 19th century America. The program personalizes this transatlantic journey by focusing on the lives of eight specific immigrants, utilizing letters they wrote home to Ireland describing their experiences in the New World.
Lincoln Center was alive with a few varieties on Monday evening.There was Opera on the Plaza,the Philharmonic in the Hall and hopeful Broadway Show tunes in the Library of the Performing Arts.In this Humanism ,Science and Technology class we will examine the Systems that make up the world .Music is a system that is constantly changing music began with a single instrument and became what we have today.Please pick a type to write and talk about .If you saw the Show in Library you can use that…. if you did not … any classical type of music and use that for your essay.
You should define Humanism ,Science and Technology in your paper and define and give the history of the type of music you are writing about.Please cite the performance and visit to L.C. in your paper and 2 other sources of reference from LaGuardia Library
From Pythagoras to Morton Feldman music has a long way to go
Assignment# 2
As human beings we have the ability to create and destroy. Why do we often choose to destroya?a?After watching The Cats of Mirikitani write a 2 page Essay with at least 2 sources of reference from LaGuardia databases in the MLA style
Possible Topics
The Japanese Relocation Camps
The Future of Nuclear Power
Art as Therapy
Can you compare the reaction to the Japanese Community after Pearl Harbor to the Treatment of Arab Americans after 9/11 (and other Physically similar stereotypes)
Please feel free to write about any aspect of the video that interests you.Let me Know your Thesis Statement for next time
Readings and Databases:
Thinking Small
Nuclear Power Credo Reference Database
Bill Gates on Nuclear Power
11 experience .What do they Know about it? Where were they? Were they personally effected by the disaster ? Google Dust.Then go to the Library as a team to find another source of reference about what you discussed Write a 2 page Essay(12 font double spaced) in the MLA style to tell us about the interview and what you found in the Library. Also watch David Rimmers New York in the Streaming Video on the Library Website.
We will be going to the Library 640 so you can have a little time to explore.
Or you can to the Poetry Project in The St Marks on the Bowery Church tonight 8 to see me perform in Michael Gottliebs the Dust directed by Fiona Templeton
The Cats Of Mirikitani
Please find two sources of reference that pertain to the Movie