Lternative Medicines for Overall Wellness

Based on my special order discussion ( 80000 words till end of May PhD dissertation) with Jason from customer support we agreed I would first order the first 50 000words and I can discuss the second part with the writer.
hereby I would order the first 50 000words and looking forward to hearing from the writer shortly.

The guidelines for PhD in Alternative Medicines
-Title of research
-statement of research problems
-research coverage
-review of the study
-objective of the study
-research hypothesis
-tools to be used
-research design
-contribution of the present study
-analysis of data
typescript should appear on one side only,lines;at least one and a half spaced.Footnotes,quotations,references and photographic captions may be single spaced.Font size: Title page: 18-22,headings:14-20,text:10-12,footnotes:8-10. Type style: Arial.