Lternative sources of Geothermal Energy

Thwe paper is part of a group prsentation A person will read the intro and present a non-renewable source of energy which is Nuclear power and A transition from the information must flow into the subject of my paper listed with Geothermal energy. I would like you to rename the paper if you wish this is a Global Environmental Problems Graduate course . So a person goes before me reading their findings on the subject of Nuclear power then I start mentioning little facts of Nuclead but leading into my subject Geothermal power. I then need to mention that their are alternatives to nuclear power, and Geothermal power introducing renewable sources such as solar power, hydro power, and perspectives on Allternatives will be the closing topic for the group. I will be allowed fifteen to twenty minutes to read so make it interesting for the class…I wish you to use credible up to date sources such as science direct, cee-global_scan.pdf, scopus .com or goverment credible sources that are up to date and remember THIS IS A GLOBAL COURSE so it must be a great focus on that aspect a mention of where the Geothermal places are located who uses the mos amounts affects positive or negative and alternatives please,,,Please,,, be as maticulus as possible the professor is very intune with the field