Lternative to physical and chemical restraints with dementia patients in long term care facilities

The assignment is about clinical practice problem. 10 questions.
Summary of Interested Research Topic
1.How did you narrow to this topic? Because Im working in long term care. Dementia unit where restraints is negative, for clients safety, dignity and quality of life.Please demonstrate your thought and reflection.
2.Why was this topic selected? For safety in working environment.Please demonstrate your thought and reflection.
3.Why is this topic relevant to nursing or nursing education?Please demonstrating thought, reflection and ideas.
4.Can you relate this topic to the development of a practice protocol? Could this topic be integrated into Evidence Based Practice(EBP)? Yes.Please demonstrating thought, reflection and idea.
5.Why or why not (regarding question 4)?

Research Questions. (Question 1 and 3 should only be one sentence)
1.Write a question related to this topic that could be appropriate for a quantitative study. Use Houser page 92-95 and resources on youTube (including Research You-Tube) to develop a question. Please write one sentence only for this question)
2.Explain how this question is appropriate for a quantitative study.Please demonstrate thought and reflection
3.Write a different question that could be appropriate for a qualitative study.Please write one sentence only for this question)
4.Explain how the second question is appropriate for a qualitative study.
5.How does the first question meet PICO(TS) or FINER criteria? (See Houser p. 92-95 for information).

Scholarly Writing APA format including correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure
No abstract is needed
Scholarly, scientific writing style
You may use a?Ia? or personal pronouns for this assignment.
Organization is clear and logical.

Im attaching the Houser p. 92-95 for information. One reference should be from Houser,Janet (2013). Reading and creating evidence (3rd ed).Jones and Bartlett Learning