Lternatives to Medicating Children with ADHD

The research paper should be 10 pages for the body of the paper plus 2 additional pages as an Executive Summary, 1 Title page, and Reference page(s). The question to be addressed is how can a nurse, by using their research skills, educate the parents of children whom they are considering placing on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder medication. What other options can the Nurse discuss with the parents (i.e. behavior therapy, diet, etc.). Discussion could include percentages of children currently prescribed ADHD medication, some of the side effects and dangers associated with the medications and highlight the benefits of some of the options being considered. The medications should be the last resort after other options are discussed and tried. If the child is already on medication, how can the child try other options while reducing the amount of medication or eliminating it all together. The resources should come from peer reviewed and/or cited articles out of medical journals or other reputable medical research sources. There should be at least 2 direct quotes, with one of those being long enough to require indentation.