Lternatives to nuclear power for electricity in Japan

Hi, Im currently studying a master course in Sustainable Energy (its kind of engineering type) in one of UK university.
This paper is worth quite a lots of mark for me in this module so I really want to get it right.
It is strictly required to maximum of 4 pages font size 11. Use figures and tables where appropriate. I have done some research on my own and I will attached you the link and the assignment question. I need some table and figure for it to be a reliable paper.
You should includes all the potential alternatives for nuclear power in Japan. Mainly:
1.) Solar 2.) Wind 3.) Hydro 4.) Geothermal 5.) Biomass
You should find the information about the available resources in Japan for this technology. Then it should be discussed about technology. It will be good if you included the energy use in Japan currently. Then you should discuss about the possibility and potential that it could replace nuclear in Japan. Includes the factor and pros and cons of each type of technology that might be the obstacle in implementing this technologies. Compared it to Germany of some other countries that have a good renewable resources. On the offshore wind you can said that it is more costly than in UK because of the coastal depth in Japan, so floating wind turbines might be more appropriates. Do some research about the current technology for each technology. For geothermal, you should considered about the culture that Japanese like to go for a hot bath spa (onsen) so geothermal might be hard. If you have any problems please contact me asap.