Lthough rational decision making models might suggest what people ought to do, they are a poor guide to what people actually do

You are to consider the above statement through a review of the literature related to this topic. The assignment should draw on at least six journal articles. These articles must be from peer reviewed journals.

You are required to use an essay format using paragraphs to structure your discussion. Please do not present your work in a report with paragraphs following headings/sub-headings. In this assignment you will be comparing and contrasting articles so do not deal with each article entirely separately.

Please avoid merely describing the articles; where possible provide some criticism and evaluation of the material discussed in each article. In addition, where it may support your discussion, do include reference to other work.

Your essay should be 1.15 or 1.5 spaced using 12pt text.
Please state your word count either on your front page or at the end of your essay.