Lthough we need regulation on internet for many reasons, the U.S government should not regulate internet because it could endanger e-business.

Hello~ I need to write argumentative research paper. I need also Annotated Bibliography of the essay. I am an international student so I do

not want long sentences. Would you please write it clearly to easy to read?

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Instructions for Annotated Bibliography:

your bibliography should include at least eight sources, including 3 significant book on the topic and at least two scholarly articles.

Each entry must include: the bibliographic entry for the book or journal article and 3-6 sentences summarizing the source and evaluating its usefulness in addressing your topic.

consult examples whenever you have a doubt about how to do this. Some on-line resources in clude:

Do not include: finding aids or reference works, such as indexes, ecyclopedias, and bibliographies.

Do not use first person. Use third person and present tense when writing about your sources.