Lub & gaming management research essay(3)

The researched essay is to show appropriate research and understanding of the studentas topic of choice from the list below, although these are merely provided as a guide.

You may choose ONE and adapt it according to your interests or suggest an alternative for approval by your lecturer.

Suggested topics: (choose only one topic)
1. Changing competitive, environmental and legislative conditions influencing the Australian club industry?
2. Themes emerging from recent media reports about gambling in Australia.
3. Governments and gambling operators harm minimisation policies and problems.
4. The growth of internet gambling and the implications for regulation and harm minimisation in Australia.
5. How do gaming machines and the layout of gaming rooms impact on a club and its patrons?
6. The issues involved in designing a promotional campaign for a local club aimed at increasing food and beverage revenue and increasing visitor patronage.
7. Strengths and weaknesses of providing minor gaming in Australian clubs and hotels.
8. Gaming legislation and responsible gambling codes of practice for casinos and registered clubs in the states and territories of Australia.
9. Youths and problem gambling.
10. Gambling and the tourism industry.