Lub IT, Part One/University of Phoenix Week 2 Individual Assignment

UOP week 2 indiv. essay assignment. Club IT, Part One
Choose one of the different strategies for competitive advantage listed in Ch. 2 of the Rainer and Turban text, which presents Cost Leadership, Differentiation, Innovation, Operational Effectiveness, and Customer Orientation. Describe the kinds of information and information systems that Club IT would need to pursue that strategy. Describe how the chosen strategy supports Club ITs mission and primary clientele(see the Club IT website) Describe how Club ITs information resources would support the systems described, i.e. internet capability, new systems, etc. Include an introduction and a conclusion. Visit Club IT Books?action-index%itemld0470169001&bcsld4176.Text Book:Introduction to information systems (2nd ed.).Rainer, R.K,. Jr. & Turban, E. 2009