Lucose Tolerance Test laboratory report

I am a first year undergraduate student.I have to write were in a group of 3 people.I have send begining of instructions already and this is the rest:
1)Show a sample calculation for one of your standards and then fully tabulate the data/absorbances for your standards and samples.
2)Prepare a fully labelled graph with a line of best fit from your duplicate values of standards.Use the mean absorbance values of your duplicate samples for interpolation.3)Show a sample calculation to convert one of the mg/dL glucose sample to mmole/L glucose and then construct another table reporting the glucose mg/dL values of your samples as glucose mmoles/L.Prepare a word-processed practical report including exel graphs for submission.This should include:Introduction,Aim of experimentMethods,Results,Discussion,Additional question:Briefly describe one other enzymic method for glucose determination that is used in clinical laboratories.The write up should follow the guidelines provided in criteria for assesment of practical reports(i have attached that file).
These are my calculations from the lab: standard volume(glucose) H2O
C1240mg/dL V1400 V2100mL
180mg/dL 300 200
120mg/dL 200 300
60mg/dL 100 400
0mg/dL 0 500

Glucose575mM standard240mg/dL;180mg/dL;120mg/dL;60mg/dL;0mg/dL
tube1: 0.034; 0.047; 0.228; 0.040; 0.058
tube2:0.032; 0.030; 0.190; 0.056; 0.041

A0 A2 B0 B2 CO C2 D
tubes1: 0.031;0.027;0.029;0.027;0.031;0.031;0.042
tubes2: 0.035;0.027;0.032;0.039;0.027;0.036;0.029
We have measured absorbance of each at 575nm in spectometer.Before we had calibrated to zero absorbance with appropriate tube as a reagent blank.we have measured the absorbance 10 min earlier because we have run out of time,for that reason the graph might be a bit strange in some places.I would like that this report will be written in uk english and has quite easy sentences structure.I need 3 books references,not online,harvard system with page number.