Luid ingestion  can we overhydrate? How does hypokalemia fit into this?

There is not necessarily a right or wrong answer to the topic. Take a stand on the topic and use the references you select to support or refute your position. Do not just use review papers but try to incorporate the current research to support your argument. The paper is to be no longer than 4 pages, double spaced (font size of 12 times roman) and with 1 margins. Any information written on the 5th page will not be read; references can go on the 5th page. All papers must be typed, with page numbers on each page. (Hint: you should have a hard time keeping it down to 4 pages so if you only write 1.5 pages then you know you must have missed something).
A minimum of 6 (six) references are required; all references should be made at the end of the paper in the appropriate format (follow the format of MSSE). Website addresses are NOT acceptable. Reference within the paper using a numbering system.